Textiles and Design Showcase 2022

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MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Dominica Toohey

Title: Suburnt Country
Statement: I was inspired by Australian poets who romanticised the rugged Australian landscape and used this inspiration in the garment by romanticising the traditionally rugged Driza-Bone jacket into a soft, satin duster coat with custom printed fabric. Underneath is a dress which captures the beauty of the night sky incorporating laser cutting to add movement. I also created a belt incorporating LED lights to reflect the Southern Cross and night sky. 

Emily Moloney

Title: Take 3 For The Sea
Statement: The intended purpose is to encourage viewers to consider the damage of plastic pollution to the oceans. The use of three circular frames links to inspiration drawn from Take 3 For The Sea. Traditional embroidery techniques have been adapted to include marine waste and upcycling. The frames move from brightly coloured to pastel, and then to white which reflects the impact of pollution on the ocean environments. All materials are recycled. Laser cutting was also used.