Family, School, Community Partnerships

Families are the first and most important educators of their children and the most dominant influence in a child’s life throughout schooling and beyond. When a family becomes part of a Catholic school community within the Diocese of Lismore, they become partners with the school in the educational journey of their child. The purpose of this partnership is to support the faith formation, learning and pastoral care of the student who is at the centre of all our endeavours.

When effective family school partnerships are developed, they help to support both families and school communities amidst the pressures of school and family life. Effective family school partnerships are developed when relationships between home and school are based upon trust and ongoing, open dialogue and result in all members of the partnership feeling respected, valued and cared for.

Investing our time, energy and commitment to develop positive family school partnerships is critically important for your children. Substantial research has clearly proven that schools, families and communities working together have a profound and positive effect on children’s achievement, well being and life chances including:

  • improved academic performance
  • higher levels of wellbeing and self-efficacy
  • completion of further study

Simply put, family, school and community partnerships matter.