Industrial Technology Showcase 2022

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These works cover all Industrial Technology focus areas – Timber Products and Furniture, Automotive, Electronics, Graphics, Metal and Engineering, and Multimedia.

MacKillop College, Port Macquarie

Jack Strahorn

Title: Contemporary Writing Desk
Statement: My Contemporary Writing Desk was designed specifically to meet my needs. It was manufactured predominantly from Spotted Gum with contrasting borders of Black Walnut around both the tabletop and drawer fronts. The Computer Numerically Controlled Router and Laser Cutter were used extensively to produce the inlays which add significantly to the aesthetics of the desk.

Mark Norris

Title: White Oak Cabinet
Statement: This small contemporary cabinet was manufactured from American White Oak with Wenge being utilised for contrasting borders and inlays. The angled nature of the cabinet, together with the wide range of joints employed in the construction, significantly raised the level of difficulty of the project. The cabinet was finished with Nitrocellulose lacquer.

McAuley Catholic College, Grafton

Amelia Kroehnert

Title: Children's Cot
Statement: My project has been hand crafted from Red Cedar and Tasmanian Oak. The contrasting timber that I have used has allowed for a contemporary yet individualistic design. A real feature of the Cot is the laser etching on the drawer base, as well as the use of knockdown fittings which enables the cot to be deconstructed and transported easily. I have finished the cot with a natural oil, enabling it to be safe for children and enhancing the beautiful grain of the chosen timber. This cot will make an excellent contribution to any baby's bedroom. 

Kasey Broderick

Title: Hanging Chair
Statement: This standing hanging chair was handcrafted using lamination techniques to form the main stand. I chose Silver Top Stringy bark because of its positive glueing properties and blocked up lamination jigs to create the curvaceous form. The slatting for the seat/lounge were also laminated together to form strong individual pieces. A striking feature is the contrasting steel components including the frame and hardware adding to the overall aesthetics of this piece of furniture.

St Joseph's College, Banora Point

Holly Porter

Title: Instinct
Statement: I created a beautiful short animation of a lonely fox who befriends a small mouse. I incorporated extensive animation techniques and video editing with the use of a green screen, along with amazing audio, to produce a very entertaining short film.


St Joseph's Regional College, Port Macquarie

Kobe Roser

Title: Wine Buffet
Statement: This is a contemporary timber wine buffet, designed and constructed to fit into a custom space and suit custom needs. The unit features solid Spotted Gum construction with Jarrah accents. Traditional and modern cabinet making skill have been employed, the highlights being the mitred carcase with a negative bevel on the front edge and the complex wine rack.

Erasmus Grey

Title: Bathroom Vanity
Statement: The vanity derived inspiration from a number of sources resulting in a unique solid timber vanity. The vanity is constructed from solid Spotted Gum and the timber sink is shaped from Grey Ironbark. The highlights of this project are the Computer Numerically Controlled routed sink coated in an epoxy resin, 2K waterproof benchtop finish, and high end joinery.