Parent Assembly

The Lismore Catholic Schools Parent Assembly is a unique organisation that seeks to support and serve parents of children in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lismore. Parent Assembly believes that “it takes a village to raise a child” and works to support and connect families by:

  • Accompanying families on their spiritual journeys.
  • Promoting family and school partnerships. Children simply do better when the important people in their lives - their families, school teachers and leaders - work together for the best outcomes for the child.
  • Providing high quality presentations and workshops to parents/carers on a wide range of topics to support and equip them with strategies and information for a healthy and happy family life.
  • Providing opportunities for families to connect with one another. Families do better when they feel they belong and are connected to their parish school community.
  • Engaging in advocacy for Catholic school parents and share important information about issues such as government funding and education policy to parents through Parent Assembly’s membership on the NSW Council of Catholic School Parents.