If you are looking to work in the Diocese of Lismore (Map of the Diocese – Cluster information) please follow the procedure set out below.

This process applies to anyone wishing to be employed in the Diocese of Lismore whether you are a applying for casual or permanent position, as a teacher or in an ancillary position.

Please complete the following steps:


This step is common to all prospective staff, regardless of whether you are applying for a contract or casual position in the Diocese.

Creating a profile (My Profile) includes ​providing personal details, personal email address (not current university or corporate email) meeting legislative requirements involving Working with Children Check and ​pre-induction online compliance training (SALT)​.

Note: Interstate applicants please provide the WWC number for your state and a copy of your card/ notification. This will need to be updated to a NSW check before you can commence any work in NSW.

The Compliance Modules SALT (Self Administered Legal Training) include:
> Child Protection
> Discrimination Bullying and Harassment and
> To Work Teach and Lead

The Compliance Training Modules on Child Protection and Discrimination Bullying and Harassment are an annual requirement of all staff employed in the Lismore Diocese.

Please note: You can move in and out of the reading sections of modules at any time and your place will be saved. However, once you begin the quiz your answers will not be stored unless you SUBMIT your answers on the last page.

To create “My Profile” click here. 

You will receive an email with your My Profile username and password. Please check your spam emails and please do not create more profiles if you don’t receive the email, contact our office on 0266220422.

These are the same logins details to access your SALT Compliance Training Modules for the first time. Please note: The password cannot be “cut and pasted” it must be typed in. Please allow approximately 15 minutes for the availability of your SALT training units.

Please note that your application will not proceed until all SALT modules are complete.

SALT online training modules will be unavailable from November 30 until December 6 to allow for site updates. Please continue your registration process after this date. We apologise for this inconvenience but the site changes are essential.

Privacy Act – Employment Collection Notice
Personal information collected from you will only be disclosed to appropriate schools within the Lismore Diocesan system. It will not be disclosed to any other party without your consent.
click here Working with Children Check information

Applicants who have fully completed STEP A and have received an email from this office confirming verification of the Working with Children Check and completion status for SALT Compliance training modules and wish to apply for casual work can now login to their “My Profile” and they will see “Casual Employment” area. Please complete this section – you must upload all the documentation required for registration in this area.
Complete STEP A. Once your “My Profile” status is complete and you have received an email from this office confirming verification of your Working with Children Check and completion status for SALT Compliance training modules. Present this confirmation email when you contact schools in your area letting them know you are looking for work in your field or you may apply for an advertised position.
After completing STEP A, teachers should complete the Teachers Registration document, (see Information page) sign, attach certified documentation requested and return via email (in one document) to hr@lism.catholic.edu.au  or post all documentation to:
 Catholic School Office – Registration to Teach
PO Box 158

Where an applicant wishes to apply for a specific advertised position, the applicant should prepare a resume and cover letter and forward to the school where the vacancy exists.
For enquiries about this process please contact Trish – twooldridge@lism.catholic.edu.au or phone 02 66 27 6243
For enquiries about an advertised position please contact the school direct. PLease note that this full process of registration can take approximately one week if you have completed everything as requested or longer of you do not follow the process correctly.

Applicants must complete Step A when submitting an application for an advertised Leadership position.
All other documentation relating to a Leadership position can be found on the Positions vacant page.

Please direct all enquiries regarding Executive Positions to Recruitment at the Catholic Schools Office Lismore, Joanna Parsons, email  jparsons@lism.catholic.edu.au  or ph 02 66 27 6270.

All positions currently being advertised are available on the POSITIONS VACANT PAGE
Interstate applicants must visit the NESA website to view requirements of having your interstate qualifications recognised in NSW
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