Technology and eLearning in the classroom

The schools of today offer different learning environments. Technology is very important for today’s classroom. For the students technology provides them with different ways to go about creating, composing, responding to and using information rather than just reproducing it. This is very different to the education offered to the parents of today’s students. Good teaching is about involving students in learning that is engaging, inspiring and exciting. Our understanding of how students learn has changed and you can see this reflected in the Contemporary Learning Framework.

Technology is constantly changing, something all parents are well aware of at home. Schools must also regularly review the use of technology in classrooms, the best available software and hardware and the best way to access the web. Technology assists teachers to develop engaging and adaptive environments in which to learn.

Flexible and intentionally developed learning environments encourage innovation and inquiry and help create a sense of belonging and purpose that strengthens the learning culture. These environments are stimulating and appropriately resourced. They promote high expectations and respect diversity and difference, facilitating learning for all students. Adaptive learning environments have no conventional boundaries because, being ICT rich, they are connected to the world beyond the classroom.