Student Support

The Catholic Schools Office works in close collaboration with school communities and is committed to the implementation of inclusive practices which recognise the child at the centre of decision making processes and in supporting all students to value themselves and to be valuable members of society. We are committed to ensuring that students with additional learning needs are given opportunities that are challenging, stimulating and achievable. We also recognise that learning models for students with additional learning needs must be sustainable. The Diocese provides schools with extra support to cater for the needs of students with additional needs including

  • Regional Additional Needs Officers (ANOs) who support schools and parents enrolling students with additional learning needs
  • Additional Needs Teachers at each school who assist teachers plan for the needs of all students
  • Committed school principals open to discussing your child’s needs
  • Classroom teachers
  • Support staff

Services are provided to strengthen the capability of all teachers to deliver inclusive, high quality educational programs for students with all abilities. Additional consultancy, therapy services and professional learning is available for school communities to support the needs of students with additional learning needs across a broad range of areas.

Parents considering enrolling in a Catholic school need to make an appointment with the principal. There is an enrolment process for students with additional needs which must be followed to ensure the needs of all parties can be successfully met. The school principal can provide you with advice on the enrolment process if your child has identified additional needs.