Sport is integral to the holistic education provided by our parish schools. It is a major component of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Syllabus K – 12.

A typical whole school sport program would include numerous ball sports and other games, athletics, swimming and cross country. This program is structured to meet participants’ individual needs and stage of development. The main emphases are on skills development, fitness, participation, enjoyment, teamwork, fair play and providing for a sense of achievement.

The weekly sports session is the cornerstone of most schools’ programs but there are many other related aspects and opportunities throughout each term e.g. skills development in PDHPE lessons, daily fitness programs, school carnivals and representative sport.

The Diocese of Lismore offers a structured representative sport pathway for children (Years 2-12), including children with disabilities, that begins at school level through regional to state level and culminating at the national level.

In addition to the representative pathway, schools are invited to enter teams in a variety of primary and secondary interschool championships, knockouts and gala days.

More detailed information regarding specific parish school sport programs, including those for students with disabilities, can be found by contacting individual schools.

More specific information regarding the representative pathway and other events and opportunities beyond school level can be found in the Sport section of this website or by contacting the Catholic Schools Office.