Our Desired School

As Catholic educators we are committed to building school communities that are:

Founded on the person of Jesus Christ

Our schools will promote a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and engagement with the Gospel. This will be expressed in a commitment to the Church, compassion and ethical decision making.

Centres of the New Evangelisation

Our schools will engage in the evangelising mission of the Church through reverence for the Eucharist and the sacraments, prayer and service to the Church and world.

Sacred Educational Environment

Our schools are learning communities made sacred by the lived presence of Jesus Christ. There are high expectations of students. Caring and safe environments complement excellence in pedagogy.

Distinguished by Excellence

Our schools will ensure the full potential of each student is realised in harmony with their spiritual, academic, emotional and social growth.

Identifiably Catholic

Our schools will be characterised by a unity of purpose based the teaching authority of the Church, relationships of mutual trust, partnership, dialogue and justice.