Funding Catholic Schools

There are three sources of funding for Catholic schools. All are derived ultimately from parents, either through taxation or through fees and related contributions. The Australian Government historically makes the largest contribution to the funding of Catholic schools in NSW. Commonwealth funds are provided in three main forms:

  • General Recurrent Grants which support the day to day operation of Catholic schools;
  • Targeted Programs or National Partnership Funds which address particular education needs; and
  • Capital Works Grants which are used to renovate existing schools and build new ones.

Under the NSW Education Act 1990, the NSW government provides funds to NSW registered non-government schools at the rate of 25 per cent of the cost of educating a child in a government school, as determined by the Minister. As with Commonwealth funds, NSW government funds support a range of educational needs in NSW Catholic schools.

Parents of children enrolled in NSW Catholic schools pay fees to support their children’s schooling. They also have to provide school uniforms and learning resources, particularly in secondary schools. Because the costs of operating schools are so high, schools commonly have additional fund raising activities to which families contribute.