Catholic Schools Office Structure

The Lismore Catholic Schools Office has three service teams to meet the needs of school communities:

  1. School Evangelisation and Catechetical Services Team (SEACS)
  2. Educational Services Team (EST)
  3. School Resources Services Team (SRS)

These three teams are led by an Assistant Director reporting to the Director of Catholic Schools. The Director and the three Assistant Directors make up the Executive of the Catholic Schools Office.

The structure within each team varies to meet the needs of the area however each team has a number of Consultants and Officers who manage the work of the CSO and the team with school communities. Each team is provided with secretarial and administrative support as appropriate. CSO staff are visible in schools and classrooms, working directly with teachers and principals.

Catholic Schools Council

The Catholic Schools Council provides advice to the Bishop on the conduct of Catholic education in the Diocese. The CSC is made up of persons of different backgrounds from within and outside of the Diocese with an interest in advancing Catholic education. The Council has a senior priest of the Diocese as the Chair and meets regularly.